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A-Level JC H2 Math, O-Level E/A Math, IP Math & PSLE P5/P6 Math

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At Math Viewpoint Learning Centre, we believe that every student has the potential to excel in mathematics. Our mission is to provide a nurturing and interactive environment that allows students to build their confidence and achieve their academic goals

We aim to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematics that will not only benefit them in the classroom, but also in their future academic and professional endeavors. With the right support and tailored guidance, every student can develop the essential skills and confidence required for math excellence.

Why Choose Math Viewpoint


We place an emphasis on personalised attention for every student. Therefore, our class size is usually limited to 3-6 students,  creating a conducive, disruptive-free learning environment.


Our lesson materials are all compiled by our educator Mr. Teo. Compact yet comprehensive, the materials will expose our students to as many question types as possible related to each topic.   


Prior to major examinations, students can choose to attend free mock examination sessions to get accustomed to the pace and rigour of a full Math paper. Students will also regularly be given exposure to practice questions that simulates the difficulty of an exam paper.


Holding a Master's Degree from NIE (Mathematics for Educators), Mr. Teo is well-versed with the MOE Mathematics syllabus and always strives to deliver lessons of high quality.  He aims to choose the most efficient method or approach to a question, allowing the students to navigate through a tedious and fast-paced Math paper with ease.


We believe in providing continuous quality support to our students. Students are welcome to consult Mr. Teo on their school, tuition or revision work anytime via WhatsApp.  This allows all doubts to be cleared instantly and prevents conceptual errors from snowballing.

Our Educator

Mr. Teo Wei Jian

🔸Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators) from National Institute of Education (NIE)

🔸Dedicated and experienced educator with 10 years of teaching experience

🔸All encompassing approach and holistic perspective, providing clear and concise teaching methods to tackle all types of Math questions

As a dedicated educator and an advocate for quality Math education, Mr. Teo Wei Jian founded Math Viewpoint Learning Centre to help students develop a strong Math foundation and achieve academic excellence in Mathematics. 

Mr. Teo graduated with an outstanding result of more than 4.5/5.0 GPA from National Institute of Education (NIE) with a Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators). He was also consistently the top student of his cohort for Math during his secondary school and junior college education and has taken part in multiple math competitions.

With 10 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Mr. Teo's extensive experience and deep understanding of Math concepts has equipped him with the ability to convey complex mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner. 

Mr. Teo firmly believes in establishing a solid groundwork in mathematical fundamentals and fostering a mindset that encourages students to analyze and approach math problems from various perspectives. This will make a positive impact on the student's math journey, cultivating a love of learning and empowering them to excel in Math 

An All-Encompassing Approach to Mathematics

Our well-structured lessons and comprehensive Math materials establish a unified framework that promotes clear understanding of Mathematical concepts and facilitates effective analysis

Focus on quick and efficient Math problem-solving techniques 

Effective methods to break down complex Math concepts into simple and clear theories

Extensive and rigorous Math practices are provided to help students build confidence in PSLE, O-Level, IP and A-Level Math

Our students are exposed to a wide range of questions that vary in difficulty and complexity, ensuring  maximum exposure to different levels of critical thinking, enhancing their problem solving skills

Supportive environment with experienced educator where students feel empowered and motivated to achieve their best in Math exams

What Our Students Say

During my lower secondary years, I flunked Math horrendously. I had bad grades and essentially gave up on getting decent grades for Math. That changed, however, when I met Mr. Teo in Secondary 3. Math turned from one of the most lifeless and soul-draining subjects to one filled with vibrancy and color. I could finally see Math with reason. It was no longer this towering monster that stood in my way. 

Mr. Teo inspired me to approach Math in a different way that I was taught previously and it made Math something that was unfathomable, possible. With his assistance, I was able to excel in Maths and passed O-Level with flying colours.

Sng Zhen Hao, Nan Chiau High School 

Obtained E-Maths A1 and A-Maths A1

Mr. Teo is dedicated and magnanimous. Holding a Masters degree in Mathematics, his pedagogical prowess and unparalleled knowledge in the topic enabled him to simplify and explain convoluted mathematical concepts, aiding in my understanding and improving my knowledge retention. Additionally, his patience and unwavering dedication to help me with my problems are genuinely commendable. He takes time out of his busy schedule to answer my never-ending questions outside of class while still remaining patient. Even if I do not understand the first time, he would find alternative ways to demystify the complex questions asked. 

To aid my understanding of Mathematics, Mr. Teo provides extensive practices that include topical practice papers containing commonly tested questions from prelim papers. With all that practice, it enabled me to enhance my ability to apply the rules and formula to multiple diversified, abstruse questions.

In conclusion, Mr. Teo's exceptional aptitude, resolute support and encouragement served as a beacon of inspiration to obtain a distinction in Maths. I am externally grateful to have a teacher that is benevolent and devoted in helping his students improve and am confident that his tutelage will empower others to obtain an A for Maths in A-Level. 

Celeste Zhang, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Obtained A Distinction in A Level H2 Math

Mr Teo is a very helpful and thoughtful teacher. He will always go the extra mile for his students, and has provided me with the best possible math resources. Mr Teo is also very meticulous and detailed in his teaching. With his motivation and guidance, I did better than I ever expected in my A-Level Math exams.

Mithran, National Junior College

Obtained A in A-Level H2 Math

Mr Teo is a very encouraging and patient teacher. He is meticulous and clear in his instructions. He helped me to develop a deep understanding of the math concepts. He is always willing to respond to queries and provides very useful and comprehensive resources. 

Jordan Tan, Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Obtained A in A-Level H2 Math

Before starting tuition lessons with Mr Teo, I was very weak in my H2 Math and failed my JC exams. I found the Math concepts difficult and did not know the techniques to answer the questions well. 

However, Mr Teo's lessons helped me to improve greatly! He is highly dedicated to all his students - as seen by how patient he was in clarifying my doubts thoroughly both in person and online. He introduced numerous techniques (some of which were not taught in school) and shortcuts to tackle various questions, allowing me to gain a better understanding of the subject. Notably, Mr Teo was resourceful and prepared many useful Math materials. These materials contained a repertoire of questions categorized by topics and level of difficulty, which served as a useful resource during lessons and my own revision. 

During the A-Level exams, I was much more confident about the subject and eventually scored a B for Math. I am grateful for your help, thank you Mr Teo!

Tyler Sim, Tampines Meridian Junior College

  Obtained B in A Level H2 Math

Mr. Teo is a very patient and knowledgeable Math teacher. His lessons are well-structured and the materials are crafted in a very clear and comprehensive manner. Mr. Teo will make sure that I grasp the concepts fully and will provide different approaches and methods to the more challenging questions. His teaching expertise and approach has completely changed my perspective on Math. With his patience guidance and clear explanation, I gained much confidence in solving the Math questions. 

Mr Teo is always willing to help outside the lesson time and when it was close to the A levels, he helped to mark my practice papers and provided invaluable feedback. By keeping me actively involved in the learning process, he truly made Math enjoyable and interesting. Thanks to his guidance, I managed to get a good grade for my H2 Math.    

Vithun, Anderson Serangoon Junior College

  Obtained A in A Level H2 Math

Mr Teo is a very knowledgeable teacher in Mathematics and is very prompt in answering any questions I would have. He explains the answers in detail and breaks them down into easily digestible parts. He was very quick and helpful in answering the questions even out of the allocated lesson time. Not only does he provide many extra practices and useful Math resources, he was ready to explain any queries regarding to the assigned questions. 

Mr Teo really helped to improve my grades immensely and is very easy to work with. He is dedicated to teaching to the best of his ability, helping me to excel in Mathematics. 

James Tan, National Junior College

Obtained A in A Level H2 Math